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wielerronde monster 13-07-2022

Peering over the Maasdijk. The sound of approaching police engines, the speaker that informs people about the price trend. And then the waiting is rewarded, cyclists in many colors bump against the wind and pass by the eye. The finish is beckoning, the roundemiss’s cushion is waiting for the cyclist who pushes his wheel first across the finish line.

It seems far away, the 34th Circulation of the Glass City on Sunday, April 22. Yet the cycling fans crave the start of the new season. The pros have just completed their Tour Down Under in Australia. In the blood heat, the temperature rose to well over 40 degrees on some race days, the pros covered their daily kilometers. With success for world champion Peter Sagan, who last year pleased the Westland by contributing to the action of bicycle specialist Sander van Scheijndel in the context of Team Westland.