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Design & Requirements


n the 19th century the first greenhouses were built to protect crops against the elements. In later years heating installations were added to extend the growing season and make the greenhouse operation a more profitable business. With the addition of more technical installations, growers were able to control the climate and adapt to the plants requirements.

Nobutec: All-round and flexible

Today, meeting these requirements of the crop is just as important as it was a century ago, if not more important. Nobutec offers growers the possibility to control the greenhouse climate most accurately. The internal climate determines the levels of quality and quantity of the greenhouse produce. The synergy between temperature, humidity, light, shade and CO2 levels are essential for a successful greenhouse operation.

Nobutec can provide its customers with the latest Dutch greenhouse technology to optimize the greenhouse climate most accurately. To ensure optimal performance, the greenhouse itself is engineered in greatest detail to house these technical installations. Together with the client, Nobutec comes with a greenhouse solution that meets the requirements of the crop and customer.

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Did you know?

Nobutec successfully developed complete greenhouse projects, ready-to-use garden centers and special projects since 2001. Nobutec's package of services is therefore particularly extensive.