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A clear course in greenhouse construction. That is Nobutec. A down-to-earth and innovative player in the world of horticultural projects. After many years of experience in greenhouse construction and steel constructions, the market no longer holds any secrets for us. Nobutec stands for specific advice, direct lines and … a deal is a deal!

With these key feautures, Nobutec can also set the right course for you

Nobutec has already delivered many successful projects in The Netherlands and abroad: greenhouses, business premises and garden centres, always tailored to personal requirements and general product requirements.


A clear course in:


Nobutec, located in Wateringen, the heart of Dutch horticulture, has been successfully supplying ready-made greenhouse construction projects since 2001. The greenhouses of Nobutec are suitable for heating and screen installations and are fully adapted to your needs.

Garden centres

The turnkey realization of garden center projects is a specialty of Nobutec Tuincentra Projecten. Anyone who wants to know something about the construction and / or renovations of garden centers in the Netherlands and abroad is at the right address here.


Our specialties take a special place in our delivery program. Every specialty project is completely different, but it is always custom-made. Think, for example, of energy-efficient residential greenhouses or cash houses.

Nobutec stands for specific advice,
direct lines and … a deal is a deal!

Recent projects

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Intratuin Hulst – Nieuwbouw
Intratuin Hulst – Nieuwbouw
Carwash ANAC Nijmegen
Carwash ANAC Nijmegen
Intratuin Hoorn – Uitbreiding warme kas
Intratuin Hoorn – Uitbreiding warme kas

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