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Turnkey Projects

The turnkey realisation of gardencenter-projects is a specialism of Nobutec Gardencenter Projects. By keeping the project in one hand from the first design till the completion the customer is relieved from all the stress. And is he able to concentrate on his business and prepare for the future situation.

As Nobutec says turnkey…
…than it really means turnkey!

Design, construction, screening, heating, electrics, climate and watertechnique are managed by our own people or qualified contractors and subcontractors. The supervision is done by our own supervisor, who controls the quality of the work done. He is always present at the site. By that day-to-day presence the communication with the customer en employees is short and direct. So all the wanted adjustments are implemented easily and fast.

In the preparation period we do have regular contact with:

  • Municipal constructors;
  • Fire department;
  • Probing companies;
  • Fireload calculators;
  • Environmental reseachers;
  • Asbestos-remediators;
  • Greenhouse-dismantling companies.

By building turnkey with Nobutec you are assured off a fixed price for the project. So NO EXTRA BILL!!!!

Extra jobs to be done remain possible.