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Financing & Feasibility


igh quality vegetable and flower production can often make for a solid business case. Investing in greenhouses is attractive and becoming more so, as the demands for the greenhouse produce increase on a global scale.

Nobutec: All-round and flexible

Increasing profitability can be achieved through Nobutec’s technical solutions, logistics, cultivation method an specific market targeting. Together with the customer Nobutec assesses the financial opportunities for the greenhouse project and can develop an extensive business plan accordingly.

Nobutec’s greenhouse projects make for a particularly good business plan if they use local resources to increase production. Excessive heat, water, energy or CO2 from local companies or from natural resources can often be implemented perfectly for sustainable greenhouse projects. Nobutec assists in the financial, technical and political way to realize their customers’ sustainable greenhouse project.

This all has not escaped the notice of governments as greenhouses also come with jobs, quality foods and serve the community on local for local basis. Sustainable greenhouse projects therefore are often stimulated with grants and subsidies. This governmental support just might be the determining factor of the feasibility of your new greenhouse project.

With Nobutec’s experience and expertise in the financial and feasibility aspect in greenhouse projects worldwide, your horticultural endeavor is off to set fruit quickly.

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Did you know?

Nobutec successfully developed complete greenhouse projects, ready-to-use garden centers and special projects since 2001. Nobutec's package of services is therefore particularly extensive.