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ld gardencenters with a roof-slope of 21 degrees and covered with 4 mm simple glass-panes do often have troubles with leakage.
Nobutec is specialized in changing that leaking roofs with 16 mm and/or 32 mm polycarbonate systems.

Not only the leakage is fixed, also the loss of warmth is reduced by 50 tot 70%. These systems also have the possibility to choose the LTA (light transmission). You can choose for example 6% transparency for the pet-section, cashier-section and warehouse-storage, 48% for garden-furnuture and houseplants en 70% transparancy for the gardenplants.
So by all means a very reasonable investment!

Nobutec: All-round and flexible


Is your outside-façade somewhat outdated? And the rest of your gardencenter is still fine and up to date? Just renovate that façade and give your gardencenter the fresh looks that attract new and more customers.
We use very good quality plate-material with well isolated glass so when finished your gardencenter looks like an all new building. You may use our free of charge 3D service to see for yourself how it would look like.

Parking lot-renovation

Did you ever think about rearranging your parking lot? It could mean a better flow on and off your facility. We can include the parking lot in the reconstruction-or facelift-plans.
And we can even realize it fast.

Would you like more information about garden and greenhouse construction? Feel free to contact us via the button below.

Did you know?

Nobutec successfully developed complete greenhouse projects, ready-to-use garden centers and special projects since 2001. Nobutec's package of services is therefore particularly extensive.