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he Netherlands is the global leader in greenhouse production, as well as greenhouse technology. In the past decade innovation in greenhouse design and new technologies have made it possible to move from energy using greenhouses to energy neutral greenhouse production. In total, Dutch greenhouses cover an area of more than 60 km2, forming a city of glass, the Westland region, where Nobutec is headquartered.

A rich Dutch history has led to the development of three different models of greenhouses that Nobutec implements in its projects: the traditional Venlo type, the wide-span and the cabriolet-greenhouse.

Venlo type

From all greenhouse types, the Venlo-Type is the most popular of greenhouses due to its diversity and flexibility. The possibilities with this greenhouse model are countless, and so are the advantages which result from them. A Venlo greenhouse is an economical choice and can be perfectly tailored to your requirements. The combination of steel, glass and aluminium makes these greenhouses extremely durable and low-maintenance. Nobutec’s Venlo greenhouse is constantly being developed and adapted to the latest technologies.


The Wide-Span greenhouse is another popular type of greenhouse. This structure is much larger and heavier than the Venlo type greenhouse but gives a lot of space in return. The larger span widths create a larger air buffer, which results in a more pleasant climate to work in. Nobutec uses these Wide-Span greenhouse structures for most of its garden centre projects, which results in architectural masterpieces.

Cabriolet Greenhouses

From the outside, when the ventilation windows are closed, the Cabriolet greenhouse looks the same as the Venlo-Type. However, the difference is easy to spot as soon as the ventilation windows open. The aluminum top deck can be opened completely. Instead of ventilating from the ridge, the deck opens completely with hinges at the gutter. The main advantage of the Cabriolet greenhouse is that specific plants can be conditioned and harden off by exposing them to the outside weather conditions.

Nobutec: All-round and flexible

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Did you know?

Nobutec successfully developed complete greenhouse projects, ready-to-use garden centres and special projects since 2001. Nobutec's package of services is therefore particularly extensive.