Maasdijkseweg 113, 2291 PJ Wateringen

About us


obutec is founded by Arie Noordam and Ron van der Burg. Both men had vast experience in the greenhouse construction industry and shared the passion for unique projects. Additionally, they both had been the driving force behind the success of several companies. In 2001, Arie and Ron decided to combine forces and start a new adventure. This adventure is called Nobutec and has been a unique force in the industry ever since.

From the very first moment that Nobutec started its activities, Nobutec’s desire was to serve the customer in the best possible manner. This corporate philosophy was translated into Nobutec’s slogan: “A clear course”.

Nobutec was eager to take on projects that were not so straightforward and that demanded expertise in multiple disciplines. This mindset lead to the birth of Nobutec’s subsidiaries; Specialties, Garden Centres, Business Premises, Quality Screens and also Solar Projects in addition to its greenhouse projects. With this wide range of in-house expertise, the company adds value to its projects in an unprecedented fashion.



n 2008, Nobutec started the construction of its new offices in Wateringen, The Netherlands. Up until this day, the company is located on these premises in the Westland region of Holland; the birthplace of modern horticulture. This location positions Nobutec in the very center of innovation in Dutch greenhouse technology. Together with its strategic partners, Nobutec brings the technology to places it is needed the most.